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Volume 4 Issue 2; Leadership Insight
2021 Leadership News
2021 Leadership Symposium
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2021 TEEX Leadership Development Symposium
January 18-20, 2021

We expected to open symposium and hotel registrations September 1, but have temporarily postponed registration to explore options for hosting the event.

Please take our quick survey to let us know how you would like to see the symposium presented! 

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Leadership Perspectives
My Thoughts on Leadership


My quick thoughts on leadership and the leader I strived to be and hope that everyone I worked with could agree. 

Communication is key, you have to listen and understand what is being asked, what is needed and what is wanted. I was told once that you can’t learn anything if you’re talking.

I know it might be hard to believe, but English is not my first language, Spanish is. In Spanish you do not work for someone, you work with them. I never liked that about English and always corrected anyone that I worked with when they would say, “I work for so-and-so.” I would say, “You work with so-and-so.”  

Leading by example is also key, never did I ask someone to do something they had not seen me do or knew that I had done.

Lastly I never tried to say “I”. I was taught a long time ago to say “we”. I didn’t need someone to do something, we needed to get it done. That also includes “my” team, it was always “our” team. 

Charles R. Klingberg
Assistant Chief
U.S. Border Patrol (retired)

Leadership in the News

The Difference Between Good and GREAT Leadership

Challenging times require leaders who can lead others through the challenges. Now more than ever we need great leadership in our government, schools, businesses, hospitals and organizations.

Good leadership won’t suffice. We need great leadership. There is a difference.

Read more about differences

Google Spent Years Studying Effective Bosses. Now They Teach New Managers These 6 Things

The transition from individual contributor to manager is not an easy one. In many cases, the skills that got you the promotion will not be the same ones that make you effective as a manager. Luckily, we have organizations like Google that have spent years researching this transition, to help us demystify the secrets to new managers' success.

Read about the six reasons
Quote of the Month
Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. - Winston Churchill
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