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Volume 3 Issue 6; Leadership 360, Leadership across all areas of life
It's Finally Time for the Symposium!
Badge Pickup

Happy New Year!

Registered Attendee Badge Pickup

Located in the conference center.
Sunday, Jan 19, 3 pm–5 pm
Monday, Jan 20, 7 am–5 pm
Tuesday, Jan 21, 7 am–5 pm
Wednesday, Jan 22, 7 am–10 am

We look forward to seeing you in San Marcos!

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Networking Events
Affordable Drill Towers

Monday, Jan 20 • 7 pm–10 pm

Affordable Drill Towers will be hosting a hospitality event at Luis Beer Garden.

Shuttles run from 6:30 pm–10 pm between the hotel and event location. The pick-up location will be the main hotel entrance. You must wear the wrist band you received with your badge to enter venue & receive food/drink tickets.

first due

Tuesday, Jan 21 • 7 pm–11 pm

First Due will be hosting a networking event for attendees in Hospitality Room #231 on the second floor at the Embassy Suites.

Quick Lunch Option

Embassy Suites is offering lunch for $14. You can purchase a lunch ticket at Hotel Check-In or any time through Caffienas (Coffee Shop).

Monday, Hamburger Lunch: Beef Patty with all the fixings’, Housemade Chips, Garden Salad with Ranch or Vinaigrette, and Water or Tea

Tuesday, Loaded Potato Lunch: Freshly Baked Potatoes, Cheese, Butter, Sour Cream, Bacon Bits, Chives, Green Salad, Broccoli Cheese Soup, and Water or Tea.

Onsite Registration

Did You Forget to Register?

Don't worry! You can register onsite beginning Sunday, Jan 19 at 3 pm at the conference center registration desk.

Leadership Perspectives
My thoughts on leadership; James Mallinger

James Mallinger
Fire Chief
Cedar Park Fire Department

Actions of a Great Leader

When I was asked if I was willing to write about leadership, my first thought was where do I start. Immediately what came to mind was much of the study material used both past and present for promotions. My next thought was everything I learned in courses I have taught and taken. Another thought was to google leadership and see what was on the web. The first definition of leadership I found online was “the art of motivating a group of people to act towards a common goal”. Another definition was “the action of leading a group of people or an organization”. Online, John Maxwell defined leadership as “one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”.  

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Quote of the Month
Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other - John F. Kennedy
More about the Symposium

Can I receive professional Continuing Education (CE) credits?
Yes, you may receive CE credit for each session you attend. Each attendee will receive a badge with a bar code of your ID number. You must ensure that your badge is scanned for every session you attend in order to receive credit. TEEX cannot offer credit for sessions where you did not get your badge scanned.

Can I receive TCOLE credit for attending?
To be eligible for TCOLE CE credit*, attendee is required to sign-in and sign-out on the roster in the room of each breakout session attended, in addtion to having badge scanned. Badge scans alone are no longer be acceptable for TCOLE, attendee signature must be on the sign in sheets. 

*TCOLE credit is only available for breakout sessions. General sessions are not eligible.

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Support the Symposium!

The Leadership Development Symposium is looking for premier supporters to sponsor this event.

Please contact Robert Barron for more information. or (866) 878-8900

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