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Volume 3 Issue 5; Leadership 360, Leadership across all areas of life
Leadership News
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Speaker Spotlight
Leadership Perspectives
My Thoughts on Leadership Scott Kerwood

Scott D. Kerwood, Ph.D.
Fire Chief
Hutto Fire Rescue / Williamson County ESD #3

The "It" Factor
Where is Yours?

We read about it, study it, watch it, and sometimes admire it. But how do we know if we have it? How do we know if the “it” is something that we will ever be able to achieve? How do we know if we even want “it”? The “it” is leadership. “It” can be awe inspiring when we see a leader command the respect of their subordinates and superiors. “It” can make us want to be just like that person — how they carry themselves, how they solve problems, and how they deal with situations that only someone in their position can address. Leadership is something that can be hard to achieve, yet easy to lose. 

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Quote of the Month
Leadership in the News

6 Signs Your Corporate Culture is a Liability

It may be unfair to dub 2019 the year of corporate misconduct (2008 was a real doozy), but we’ve certainly seen a lot of it. In fact, one in five employees report experiencing a cultural crisis – a significant incident indicative of troubling workplace attitudes and behaviors – in their organization in the last year or two.

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Principles-based versus rules-based: What really matters? 

"Principles-based" or "rules-based," that is the question. In the last year, there has been significant debate over how regulation in the financial services industry should be patterned. The United Kingdom's Financial Services Authority has been a leader in this debate, declaring strong commitment to a principles-based system. 

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What Great Leaders Do

What does a leader look like? Think of two leaders, famous or not, whom you admire and respect. What do they do that is so different? What traits do they have that help them excel at a high level? Leadership is not a great mystery. Great leaders have specific traits in common. These traits can be learned and developed—by you!

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More about the Symposium

Can I receive professional Continuing Education (CE) credits?
Yes, you may receive CE credit for each session you attend. Each attendee will receive a badge with a bar code of your ID number. You must ensure that your badge is scanned for every session you attend in order to receive credit. TEEX cannot offer credit for sessions where you did not get your badge scanned.

Can I receive TCOLE credit for attending?
To be eligible for TCOLE CE credit*, after being scanned, attendees must sign-in and sign-out on the roster in the room of each breakout session. Badge scans will no longer be acceptable for TCOLE, only the sign in sheets. 

*TCOLE credit is only available for breakout sessions. General sessions are not eligible.

Can I receive Nursing Credit?
This Continuing Education Activity has been submitted for approval to the Emergency Nurses Association, an accredited approver of continuing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

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