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2020 Registration is Open
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Join us for the 2020 TEEX Leadership Development Symposium!

Symposium Information

January 20-22, 2020
Embassy Suites Hotel & Convention Center 
San Marcos, Texas


No Admission Fee for Texas Emergency Response Personnel.
$150 for out-of-state attendees.


Reserve your Room

A special symposium room rate* is available at the Embassy Suites Hotel & Convention Center!

The deadline to reserve a room at the discounted rate is December 28, 2019 (or until the room block is full). 

*The special rate is available the night of January 19th through the night of January 21st. The symposium wraps up at noon on January 22nd. Additional nights are available at regular hotel rates. 

Featured Speaker
Chris Naum breakout session

Christopher Naum

“Fireground Leadership: Rebooting Leadership from the Station to the Streets”
Monday Morning breakout session

Today’s demanding fireground leaves negligible margin for errors or omissions requiring new skill sets, proficiencies and high accountability and tactical deployments executed with the highest degree of proficiencies and skill sets under the most challenging of operational demands and personnel risks. Leadership starts at the station and transitions to the streets and incident scene requiring new skill sets, awareness, insights and operational adaptiveness. Leadership and Operations are integral.

Christopher Naum is a 44-year fire service veteran and a highly regarded national and international instructor, author, lecturer and fire officer. He is a distinguished authority on building construction issues affecting the fire and emergency services and has traveled throughout the United States and internationally delivering training programs on building construction, command management and operational safety.

Leadership Perspectives
My Thoughts on Leadership - Jacob McAfee, Deputy Fire Chief, North Central Fire Protection District

Jacob S. McAfee
Deputy Fire Chief
North Central Fire Protection District

Bridging the Gap between People and Process

Every organization wants to be successful, but what makes an organization successful? I think many people will agree that effective leadership in critical positions will help perpetuate success in most organizations. Specifically, Chief Officers are in a leadership position that directly affects the answer and outcome of that question when both people and process are deliberately addressed. Maxwell (2008) drives this point home when he wrote about the “Law of the Lid”. The law of the lid theory believes that success is dependent on a person’s leadership ability. The theory goes on to describe people and organizations that have had tremendously talented employees with off-the-chart IQs but have no leadership skills, struggle to achieve their goals. This is the law of the lid. These organizations put a lid on their success because of the lack of leadership. However, when organizations hire or develop leaders the lid to their organizational success rises.

Read more on Bridging the Gap...
Who Should Attend?

Everyone who wants to grow as a Leader

The TEEX Leadership Development Symposium was born out of a concept to provide an event that focuses on leadership skills and knowledge for the emergency response career field. The event has transformed over the last twelve years to include anyone and everyone regardless of his or her chosen career. Leadership is an intangible, immeasurable skills-set that is needed and required in all walks of life regardless of your position or role. An individual’s leadership skill(s) must continue to evolve and grow in order to remain successful, both professionally and personally regardless if they are a Firefighter, Nurse, Law Enforcement Officer, Parent, or Administrative Assistant.

We invite you to attend the 2020 TEEX Leadership Development to build upon your leadership skills and knowledge for your continued success!

Leadership In The News
Man holding head in hands

Do you really know why employees leave your Company?

Hearing the words “I quit” is rarely pleasant, but by pushing through the discomfort and using an evidence-based approach to determine the cause and nature of the loss, managers and HR professionals can gain valuable knowledge for their firms.

Learn More About Why...
London cityscape

Three Lessons for Leadership from the Brexit Mess

Remember David Cameron? He’s the prime minister who gambled his career – and the stability of his country – on the UK’s Brexit referendum. He unsuccessfully bet his job that he could persuade the UK to remain in the EU. Cameron has surely reflected long and hard on his role in the wave of uncertainty that has since engulfed the UK. His successor, Theresa May, is now struggling to lead the country through the Brexit process.

More Lessons...
Quote Of The Month
A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus. - MLK Jr
A Thank You To Our Sponsors! 
Siddons Martin, Galls, Sharp Testing, VFIS, San Marcos, TEEX

Support the Symposium!

The Leadership Development Symposium is looking for premier supporters to sponsor this event.

Please contact Robert Barron for more information. or 866-878-8900

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